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Solars by Categories

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Obviously Abyssals are not bound by these rules.  These classifications only apply to Solars.

  • Tier 1 - ~30 :  These are the ones who exalted first due to the gravity of their destinies.  These foci of fate attracts the Sparks like Flames to a Moth and thus were the first to be joined.  The Entire Group of Tier 1s exalted within 5 years of each other (Not counting those Spark not trapped by the Jade Prison).  

It would be another year or so after the last of them that Tier 2 started Exalting – Such is the greatness of their ordained destinies.


  • Tier 2 – ~ 50 : These are the beings whose Spark had to travel aimlessly down the infinite pathway in the loom of fate.  Guide as they are by the eddies in a ocean of light.  Tier 2 and Tier 3 exalts around the same time.  But generally Tier 2 as a group is slightly earlier than Tier 3.


  • Tier 3 – ~ 70 : These are the weakest of all the Solar Exaltations.  They owe their unguided Exaltation as much to chance as they are to their own destinies.  Granted they have greatness ordained, but their destinies are barely noticeable in the loom – overshadowed as they are by the Suns that are the Tier 1s and the Stars that are the Tier 2s.  These Exaltations happen mostly due to sheer luck – as the individual just happens to need the power of their Exaltation right when the spark is spiritually near. 

There are few exception in this Tier of Solars.  Like all Gods, Lytek did not survive the eons without owing a little favor.  Being the God of Exaltation he had to make a few … adjustments as debt of honor.  A few of the Tier 3 Sparks are “coerced” onto their hosts by Lytek.  Namely Rune the Solar of White Wall (paid for by the Syndics) and Fatimah bint Muhammad (paid for by an unknown party)


Unbound Solars

These are Solars who were never trapped by the Jade Prison.

  • Dawn 15 - Yurgen Kaneko, “Bull of the North”
  • Dawn 56 – Filial Wisdom
  • Zenith 47 – Samea
  • Twilight 14 – Fear Eater
  • Twilight 44 – The Twilight (Mnemon Nejimaru) 
  • Eclipse 20 - Scarlet Whisper


Solar Essence with no vision of Rathess and War Captain

These are Solar Essence that either were not in Creation during the Unconquered Sun’s broadcast of the Vision of Rathess, or they are those who perished subsequently and is returned to Lytek for Cleaning – and thus lost the vision as well.

  • Dawn 56  (Was Filial Wisdom)
  • Dawn 59  (Was War Captain)
  • Zenith 09 (Was Dimas, the Teenager that was killed by 30 Blood Apes, Flawless Oak and Alabaster Hand of the Heaven is too far to save him)
  • Eclipse 59 (Was Aata)


Tier 1

These are Solar Essence who were bonded with extraordinary individuals whose souls and destinies were grand that they are able to fully incorporate their Exaltation in the instant of infinity during the 2nd Breath.

These Solars all have uncanny connection to their Essence has has far more instinctual knowledge of the Supernatural World and, often, knowledge of the First Age.

They can raise in Essence with normal speed and has full charm pool upon Character Creation.

These Solars due to their more intimate knowledge of the First Age are trapped by it.  Their motivations, actions, and world view are inevitably colored by the past.

These Solars are so powerful that their Exaltation sends ripple through the fabrics of fate and without error each of them find Sidereal Agents waiting for them – most in the form of the Wyld Hunt.  Unfortunately for the Wyld Hunts, these Solars are also the best equipped to deal with any Hostilities.

  • Dawn 15 - Yurgen Kaneko, “Bull of the North”
  • Dawn 24 – Nalla the Blood Axe
  • Dawn 26 – Ovalisque of the Invincible Starfall
  • Dawn 33 – Jalith (Haltan)
  • Dawn 39 – Lyta
  • Dawn 44 – Dace
  • Dawn 55 – Moray Darktide
  • Dawn 59 – Balan
  • Zenith 08 – Celestial Anger
  • Zenith 20 – Panther
  • Zenith 30 – Gladrien Vanja
  • Zenith 43 – Karal Fire Orchid
  • Zenith 47 – Samea
  • Zenith 49 – Ocean Pearl
  • Twilight 14 – Fear Eater of the Icewalker Tribes
  • Twilight 27 – Horakinis
  • Twilight 30 – Arianna
  • Twilight 44 – Mnemon Nejimaru, “The Twilight
  • Twilight 48 – Exaltant Sunrise Spirit
  • Night 06 – Harmonious Jade
  • Night 23 - Death and Metal Maiden
  • Night 32 – Dagnir
  • Night 40 – Rhianna
  • Night 45 - Raneth of Diamond Hearth
  • Eclipse 03 – Child of the Violet Star
  • Eclipse 17 – Clytemnestra
  • Eclipse 20 – Scarlet Whisper
  • Eclipse 45 – Swan
  • Eclipse 54 – Crimson Antler
  • Eclipse 59 - Aata

There are no more Tier 1 Solars (unless GM forgot to add an Official one who is Tier 1).  From this point in the game, all new Solars are at the maximum Tier 2s.


Tier 2

Tier 2 Solars are Solar Essence whose bond with their Mortal Host is incomplete.  In time they will achieve the harmony already possessed by Tier 1 Solars.

They have little to no knowledge of the past and by extension their capabilities.  They only start with instinctual knowledge of their own powers and knows next to nothing regarding the powers of other Solar Castes or Exalts.

They also only starts with half their charms upon Exaltation, and the other half are quickly gained as they familiarize themselves with their new found power.

Amongst these ranks are often the Tyrant and Despots.  Gifted with power rival that of most gods and having next to no knowledge of their place in the Order of things, these beings are those often found abusing their powers and setting up little petty kingdoms in Creation. 

The Solars of this Tier are both Free and Powerful.  Their achievements are only limited by their mortal mind and completely unhindered by the Original Sins of the First Age but also unassisted by the Perspective taken by granted by the Solars of the First Tier.

Solars of Tier 2 are significantly delayed in their Mastery over the very energy of Creation due to their dissonance between their Exaltation and their Mortal Coil.  They cannot achieve Essence 5 until this dissonance is reconciled (usually via achieving their motivation, some great achievement, or simply by time normally taking ~50 years or so at the latest).

  • Dawn 36 – Prince Maximillian
  • Zenith 09 – Dimas
  • Twilight 18 – Ahmed Latif
  • Night 08 - Faku Kun (The Panda People Exalted)
  • Night 28 – Alabaster Hand of Heaven
  • Eclipse 26 – Flawless Oak


Tier 3

These are the Solars who is completely unable to shake their mortal existence and ascend into rank of the Exalts.  Their mortal identity and belief is so strong that they are simply unable to ascend.  Their limited purview blocks their ability to achieve the truly supernatural. 

Not only are they unable to acknowledge their new divinity they also cannot comprehend the limit power inherent in their being.  Until their Souls can come to terms of their own being, they are blocked. 

These Solars typically starts with 1-2 Essence and cannot achieve Essence higher than 3 without coming to terms with their new destinies.  However, even the most difficult cases usually resolve itself – one can only deny reality for so long (Max ~70 Years).  Those who active tries to accept their new state in life take significantly shorter.

These Solars gains no Charms during Exaltation – for they are completely ignorant of their own powers and abilities.  It is through difficult trial and error do they discover their Starting Charms.  Lucky are the Tier 3s who finds a more established Solar as mentor.

Consequently these Solars are so weak they hardly show on the Loom of Fate and thus are only hunted by the Wyld Hunt on sheer [bad] luck.

  • Currently there are no Tier 3 Solars, and I hope there won’t be any anytime soon.  Because next time you guys die, next characters you guys make will start as Tier 3.


Solar Circles

(Perfect) Circle of Friends
  • Dace, Dawn Caste Duelist-General
  • Panther, the Awe Inspiring Personae of the Zenith Caste
  • Arianna, The Twilight Savant with an Unquenchable Thirst for Knowledge
  • Harmonious Jade, the Merciless Night Caste Seeking her Mission
  • Swan, The Easy Going Eclipse Caste Comedian Diplomat
(Perfect) Circle of Everlasting and Perfect Illuminated Harmony
  • Ovalisque of the Invincible Starfall (Dawn Caste)
  • Celestial Anger (Zenith Caste)
  • Exaltant Sunrise Spirit (Twilight Caste)
  • Death and Metal Maiden (Night Caste)
  • Child of the Violet Star (Eclipse Caste)
Circle of the Bull, The
  • Yurgen Kaneko, The Bull of the North (Dawn Caste)
  • Nalla “Blood Axe” (Dawn Caste)
  • Samea of the Blackwater Mammoth Tribe (Zenith Caste)
  • Fear Eater of the Ice Walker Tribes (Twilight Caste)
  • Raneth of Diamond Hearth (Night Caste)
  • Crimson Antler, Cherek Revolutionary (Eclipse Caste)
Circle of Rathess, The
  • Lyta (Dawn Caste)
  • Gladrien Vanja (Zenith Caste)
  • Clytemnestra (Eclipse Caste)
Circle of the War Captain
  • Balan the War Captain of Rathess (Dawn Caste)
  • The Twilight (Twilight Caste)
  • Dagnir (Night Caste)
  • Aata the Thunder God (Eclipse Caste)

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