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Wonders of the World


These are amazing Creations that are repairable/recreatable but are otherwise Singular Existences.  Usually less powerful than World Wonders but not always. 

  • Eye of Autocathon, The
    • Plot Device
  • Gem of Immortality, The
    • Grants Immortality
  • Gem of Incomparable Wellness, The
    • Regenerates from Ash, Immortal
  • Rathess
  • Victory over Primordials Mandra, The
    • Grants the right to bind Demons into service


World Wonders

These are truly unique things in Creation that are singular creations that cannot be remade

Great Curse, The (World Wonder)


Unique Faction Power: The Member of the Faction is now subject to limit breaks and will ultimately destroy themselves as reparation for their unspeaking Crime against the Primordials/Neverborns.

Imperial Manse, The (World Wonder)

The Imperial Manse is one of the most powerful weapon of Mass Destruction accessible to the Exalted. 

It is a World Wonder

Unique Power: Allow the targeting and use of the Sword of Creation Defense Network

Unique Factional Power: Grants automatic success on any intimidation attempts when used, sincerely, as a threat against anyone who is familiar with the legend of the Imperial Manse.

Solar Deliberative, The (World Wonder)

The Solar Deliberative is one of the Wonders of the World

Unique Power: All who are within the deliberative can resist mental influence with no loss of Willpower.  This affects even mental influences (natural or otherwise) that normally does not allow resistance.

This means that no one can affect you mentally unless you personally agree with it.

Thursday, February 24, 2011



Amongst Men, Lu Bu 「人中吕布,马中赤兔」

[Lu Bu]

Lu Bu’s Unique Epithet


“Your Excellency’s Martial Prowess are without Equal, and no one in history can match you.  While your might is unstoppable - you lack insight, while dauntlessness - you lack mercy, I fear it would not be long before everything turns against you”

Lu Bu’s combat skills are phenomenal.  He is without doubt the finest warrior in History.  His combat awareness is profound and his stances perfect.  As such he never suffers onslaught penalties, including any penalties from charms and effects that are categorized as Onslaught.
          His defense is so well formed that he is able to protect himself from all assailants without leaving any opening.  Thus he is exempted from the rule of one enemy gaining unsuspected attack when maximum number of opponents in any combat space is reached.  This combined with his blazing speed and terrifying aggression allows him to ignore coordinated attacks against him as long as he attacks.
          His nearly impenetrable defense is so robust that his Wound Penalties do not modify his DVs - though it still lowers his dice pools normally.
          Perhaps most potent of them all, Lu Bu adds his Essence Score (this includes the Might Rating of his troops in Mass Combat) as automatic successes to all Combat Related Actions of Physical Prowess and Awareness (including Join Battle Rolls).  This adding of successes also modifies relevant Static Values by the same amount.  These bonus successes are not considered bonus from Charms and does not make his attacks “charm infused.”  Like Second Excellency, this ability does not allow him to pursuit impossible attacks – such as multiple action penalties in excess of his dice pool.
          Lu Bu is also Fearless and perfectly defends against all fear effects.  This overwhelming confidence is such that as long as he is active his complementary unit is considered to have perfect morale as they are strengthened by the knowledge their commander is undefeatable.
          Regardless of his Intimacies, Motivations, Charms, and Any effects he is subjected to (Perfect or Otherwise), Lu Bu cannot be prevented from choosing to betray those around him for a sufficiently attractive prize.  This is not a mechanical effect, but should be handled in story narratives.


Bull of the North

[Yurgen Kaneko]

Decimate the Tepet Legions

Just a title - granted to the person who turned the current world order upside down.




Attune the Artifact “Clockwork Heart”

Face Celestial Justice



[Flawless Oak]

Cause an NPC to commit suicide because of Guilty Conscience

Free specialty “Presence: Interrogation +1”  This does not count towards the max of 3 specialties, but it does count towards the +3 cap for total bonus dice from specialties.



[None Currently]

Become one of the 5 Solar Deliberators

Gains 1 Willpower point every Sunrise.  Regain 4 extra motes of Essence per hour.  +5 to Personal Essence Pool and +10 to Peripheral Essence Pool.


Devourer, The

[None Currently]

Be declared “The devourer”

No [Game] Mechanical Bonus


Famous Archer General

[Yurgen Kaneko]

Achieve 5 consecutive victories against mass combat units that have a minimum of magnitude 6, higher troop quality and higher magnitude than the character’s own range unit.  These victories can be spread over multiple battle/wars, but the character must not suffer defeat in between.

When commanding Mass Combat Archery Unit, the complementary unit gains +1 to Morale (max 6)


Famous Calvary General

[Renath of Diamond Hearth]

Achieve 5 consecutive victories against mass combat units that have a minimum of magnitude 6, higher troop quality and higher magnitude than the character’s own Calvary unit.  These victories can be spread over multiple battle/wars, but the character must not suffer defeat in between.

When commanding Mass Combat Calvary Unit, the complementary unit gains +1 to Morale (max 6)


Famous Infantry General

[No One Currently]

Achieve 5 consecutive victories against mass combat units that have a minimum of magnitude 6, higher troop quality and higher magnitude than the character’s own Infantry unit.  These victories can be spread over multiple battle/wars, but the character must not suffer defeat in between.

When commanding Mass Combat Infantry Unit, the complementary unit gains +1 to Morale (max 6)


Heavenly Spear (天槍)

[Rhianna of Marukan Alliance]

Rhianna’s unique Epithet

Combat Abilities is effectively 2 dots higher when applied to the use of any Piercing Polearm (Spears, Lances, Javelins, etc.).  Essence Score is also effectively 1 dot higher under such conditions.  This enhanced Essence score cannot be used to meet the Essence requirement to learn charms.

Some Examples are War Ability when leading Lancers, Spearmen, Javelineers.  Martial Arts when using a style that uses Spears.  Thrown when tossing a Javelin.


Isolation Specialist

[Flawless Oak]

Fail the Elemental Court of Wood’s Test

No [game] mechanical bonuses nor penalties


General of Legend

[Tepet Arada]

Gain Famous Archery General, Famous Infantry General, and Famous Calvary General, without suffering any defeat in-between.

Loses the epithet Famous Infantry General, Famous Calvary General, Famous Archery General.

The general’s complementary unit gains +1 to Morale (no max) and +1 to Drill (no max)

Opposing Mass Combat Units lose 1 dot of Morale – unless protected by Charm vs. Natural/Unnatural Mental Influences


Ghost Buster

[Alabaster hand of the Heaven]

Be the first to use ghost eating technique to permanently kill a ghost

Converts one attack dice to automatic success when using Ghost Eating Technique against a Ghost.  Character loses one success on any attempt to establish positive relationships with Ghosts.


Golden Beacon of Hope, The


Be the Leader of the Gold Faction Solars

Gains the “Born to Rule” merit.  Gold Faction Solars are automatically considered to be his/her “lessers”.


Golden Custodian of North and East

[Yurgen Kaneko]

Gain the title of the Golden Custodian of North and East

+/-1 automatic success to all social rolls depending on whether the title is a positive benefit or negative


Golden Custodian of South and West

[Balan, Dagnir]

Gain the title The Golden Custodian of South and West

+/-1 automatic success to all social rolls depending on whether the title is a positive benefit or negative


Matchless Salesman

[Alabaster Hand of the Heaven]

Alabaster’s Unique Epithet

NPCs Natural Dodge MDV is halved against Alabaster’s attempts to gain their trust.  This halving is before modifiers are applied.


Militia Leader

[Flawless Oak]

Suffering no losses when leading a unit with Drill 1 to victory against a superior foes in all other statistics

The character can put his complementary unit into regular formation regardless of their Drill rating.


Miracle Worker


Become the High Priest of the Unconquered Sun

Can Invoke the Miracles of any God under the governance of the Unconquered Sun – which means pretty much every Celestial and Terrestial God.  Only Malfea and Underworld gods are not under the Unconquered Sun’s governance.

Successfully invoked Miracles function at double potency. Failures on “Invoke Miracle” actions are treated as successful invocation with 0 threshold.  Botches are considered simple failures.


Partaker of the Forbidden Fruit

[Flawless Oak]

Survive the experiences of the The Menagerie of Fathomless Freedom

Character is forever reshaped by the inevitable corruption of such an expedition.  His Temperance Virtue is effectively 2 dots less when confronted with Temptation of the Demonic Flesh.  He also gains a token of remembrance – The Dema Sutra.  His jaded tastes however gains him superior performance in just such a situation.  Effectively gaining 3 dice to his “performance” rolls.



[Nalla Bloodaxe, The]

Personally kill over a thousand sentient beings in one battle.

Opponents/Units who are under fear effects of the character cannot use coordinated attack against her.  Fearful effects are things such as successful intimidation attempt that was not resisted or fear inducing charms and effect such as Dawn’s anima.



[Currently No One]

Enter into more than 5 Eclipse Oaths concurrently.

Add 1 dot to Conviction, Temperance or Valor (Pick one, to a max of  5 dots).  Willpower Gain Rolls are penalized by one success (to a minimum of 0 successes).


Trainer of Heroes


Train more than 10,000 people with Tiger Warrior Training Technique

Gain +1 dot bonus to the Magnitude that can be trained by Tiger Warrior Training Technique


Training Wheels

[Dusk Princess of the Obsidian Heart]

Be chosen by the Neverborne as a Death Lord replacement candidate

+1 dot to Whisper Background with no maximum ceiling.


Unsavory Attraction

[Alabaster Hand of the Heaven]

Alabaster’s Unique Epithet

Alabaster is cursed (Unnatural Mental Influence) to be unable to join any religion he believes to be “Good.”  The cause can be anywhere from not be interested to actively self-sabotage his own enrollment.


War? What is it Good For?


Mire one corner of Creation into constant War for the foreseeable future

Gain the intimacy “Warmongering.”  This intimacy cannot be eroded for as long as the character possesses the Epithet.


Zealous for Justice


Rather choose death for his crimes rather than accept mercy

Set the precedence in the Third Age that Solars are subjugated to Celestial Jurisdiction.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ghost Stats Correction

I think there is a mess up in Exalted 2nd Edition’s Core Rules.

In the book the physically most potent ghost is actually Hungry Ghosts.  War Ghosts are the weakest of the batch.  Nemissaries are second, and Nephwracks are the greatest.

While this might be intentional it makes little sense with me.

So I am switching them out a bit

Average Hungry Ghosts
Strength 4, Dexterity 2, Stamina 3, Charisma 1, Manipulation 1, Appearance 1, Perception 3, Intelligence 1, Wits 3

Average War Ghosts
Strength 4, Dexterity 4, Stamina 3, Charisma 2, Manipulation 2, Appearance 2, Perception 2, Intelligence 2, Wits 2

Average Nemissaries
Strength 6, Dexterity 4, Stamina 4, Charisma 2, Manipulation 3, Appearance 2, Perception 3, Intelligence 2, Wits 3

Average Nephwracks
Strength 6, Dexterity 6, Stamina 6, Charisma 2, Manipulation 4, Appearance 1, Perception 5, Intelligence 4, Wits 6

These stats will replace the ones in the book

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Simplification of Beam-Weapons

The Beam-Weapon rules in Manual of Exalted Power – Alchemicals, page 213 is too complicated and clumsily adopted from 1st Edition rules.

So here is the modified rules Regarding Beam-Weapons

  • They still cost 2 dots more than normal artifacts
  • Cost 3 mote to attune
    • 4 for Warstrider Versions
  • Can reflexively spent 5 motes for it to function for a scene
  • Weapon still gains Magical Material Bonus
  • Sets flammable items on fire upon touch
  • Cannot be parried by non-magical materials
    • Ignore Parry DV
    • Destroy parried item
  • Cannot be soaked by non-magical materials
    • Ignore Soak.
      • This includes natural (e.g. stamina) soak from non-magical beings.
      • Soak gained via magical effects (such as sorcery or charms) are not ignored
    • Localized Damage does not “destroy” the armor upon hitting like parried item, but it leaves holes and slashes upon non-magical armor
      • Alternatively, You can subtract the final health level damage from Soak of the armor as permanent damage.  If soak is reduced to 0 armor is destroyed.  This might be too much book keeping

This makes the weapon incredibly potent on non-magical materials (most castles, walls, structures, and people) thus makes the 2 dot cost increase worthwhile.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mass Combat: Issue of “Might”

As it stands right now Might’s only function is to add number of success to the attacker’s roll.

It less effective than a higher Combat Rating, which adds half its value to DV.

Yet it is all encompassing of all the Charms and Supernatural Powers of the complementary troops, including such things as Soak charms, Perfect Defenses, and does not in any way modify defense.

So I am going to change Might to a more useful trait.

It still retains its normal bonus

  • add as number of successes to the Commander’s attack
  • added to the Commander’s Essence value to determine resistance and qualification against charms and spells

It will now add to other traits as well

  • It will add to DV on a 1 to 1 basis.  So a Might rating of 3 will add +3 to the DV.  Since right now an army of gods with charms (and might rating) has the same inherent DV bonus as an army of mortals.
  • It will add to Soak on a 1 to 1 basis.  So an army of mortals wearing super-heavy plate, will have less final soak than an army of essence 10 war gods wearing super-heavy plate.  Since right now Soak is only determined by armor and the leader’s stamina.
  • It adds number of dice equal to rating to the Unit’s Valor/Hesitation checks.  So a mortal army with nothing but steel backing them up is more likely to hesitate and route than an army armed with good luck charms, walk-away, warding, and other thaumaturgy enough to grant them a might rating of 1.
  • To reflect the more useful nature of Might, it’s rating will be strictly enforced.  The official books seems to exaggerate the Might Ratings of most units.  Such as the Lookshy Gunshoa Armor having rating of 4 when it suppose to be max 3 by Core Book Rules.  It will be fixed as these things come up.
    • Astartes is now Might 2, not 4.  In time as they actually learn some Spirit Charms they will become Might 3

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rebalanced Charm: Arrow Storm Technique

The reason Arrow Storm Technique exist as a charm is it allows one to use just 1 set of Reflexive for all the attack it makes at no additional cost – unlike Extra Action Charms.

Unfortunately with my addition of Patterning Arrow Storm Technique lost some of its usefulness when combo-ed with Reflexive Charms (it is Combo-Basic).  So I am going to rebalance it in a very simple manner:  Placing this charm in a Combo will remove the 1wp surcharge for combo activation.

For example, Since the Charm has Bull of the North as the illustration image in the core book, I will give him the Combo.  Let say he activates the Combo consisting of this Charm and Second Excellency.

Normally it would cost him 1wp for the Combo, 1wp 8m for Arrow Storm, and 2 motes for each success (max of 6 successes).

With the adjustment it will cost him 0wp to activate the combo, 1wp 8m for Arrow Storm, and 12 motes for 6 successes. 

For a total of 1wp, 20 motes, for 15 archery attacks against 15 man-sized objects, or 15 times against a military unit or large object, or Combinations there of.

Each attack will be adding 6 successes.

He can quite possibly reduce a Magnitude 10 Extra army to just the commander in 1 shot.

However, if he uses the Charm by itself he will still pay 1wp and 8m to activate it.  Since the discount only applies to combos.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Exalted Types and Their General Charms

All maxes, unless specifically noted are for starting out characters – in other words Essence 1-5.


  • Dice Cap are (Ability + Applicable Specialty), Max 8
  • Can use Reflexive Charms without need to Combo them
  • First Excellency adds 2 dice per 1 mote spent
  • Second Excellency adds 1 success per 1 motes
  • Terrestrial (Ability) Reinforcement: raise other's ability for the rest of the scene
  • Has Cooperative Effects, Dragon-Blooded using charms in conjunction with each other gain greater effects.
  • Sorcery Access: Terrestrial Circle
  • Necromancy Access: Shadowland Circle
  • One of a thousand or so Dragon-Blooded have oddity of blood, probably result of mixing bloodlines with Ghost-Blooded, and these can learn Shadowland Necromancy but not Terrestrial Sorcery.  The reverse is true as well.  Normal Dragon-Blooded cannot learn Necromancy at all.


  • Dice Cap is Essence, Max 5
  • Their Excellencies can keep buy off penalties without counting towards the cap.  E.g. they can add 5 dice to their dice pool, or 8 dice if the dice pool is suffering a –3 penalty.
  • First and Second Excellency is same bonuses and cost as Solar Version
  • Third Excellency is 3 motes
  • Fateful (Ability) Excellency - Essence Auspicious: Lower Difficulty values for the roll.  For 4m 1wp turn every dice in the dice pool into automatic success (if defending double DV)
  • Propitious(Ability) Alignment: Same as Infinite Mastery, but can only have 1 active at any time.  Each dot in the astrological college of the alignment lowers the cost by 1.  Min of 1
  • Can use Astrological College
  • Sorcery Access: Celestial Circle
  • Necromancy Access: Shadowland Circle



  • Dice Cap is Attributes and not Abilities, Max 6 (With Legendary Attribute Merit)
    • [My Modifications] With the Modification that all applicable Specialties now raise Caps, the Max cap for Lunars, with the correct Attribute Specialty, are now 9
  • A few Charms specifically allow Attribute + Essence (maximum 11)
    • [My Modifications] With the Modification that all applicable Specialties now raise Caps, the Max cap for Lunars, with the correct Attribute Specialty, are now 14
  • First and Second Excellency is same bonuses and cost as Solar Version
  • 3rd Excellency is 4 motes
  • Instinctive (Attribute) Unity: Same effect as Solar’s Infinite Mastery
  • Flawless (Attribute) Focus: Allow the purchasing of Attribute Specialties for that attribute.  Similarly since Attributes are much broader than Abilities, so does their specialty.  Attribute Specialties share the same cap as ability specialties, any combination there of cannot exceed +3.
  • Can use Shape-shifting Knacks
  • Sorcery Access: Celestial Circle
  • Necromancy Access: Shadowland Circle



  • Dice Cap is Attribute + Ability, Max is 12 (with House Ruled Prodigy and Legendary Attribute Merits)
    • [My Modifications] With the Modification that all applicable Specialties now raise Caps, the Max cap for Solars, with the correct Specialty, are now 15
  • Cheapest Perfect and readily available prefect charms
  • Infinite (Ability) Mastery: lower the cost of invoking 1st, 2nd and 3rd Excellencies by 1 mote for every 2 motes committed.  Min cost is 0.
  • (Ability) Essence Flow: allow invoking of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Excellencies as natural abilities, thus no need to combo, but their costs cannot be discounted either.
  • Sorcery Access: Solar Circle
  • Necromancy Access: Labyrinth Circle



    • Dice Cap is Attribute + Ability, Max is 12 (with House Ruled Prodigy and Legendary Attribute Merits)
      • [My Modifications] With the Modification that all applicable Specialties now raise Caps, the Max cap for Abyssals, with the correct Attribute Specialty, are now 15
    • Masters of Killing
    • Treat mirror charms’ "mortals" as including deceased (ghosts, etc.)
    • Abyssal Charms that mentally or socially affect "living mortals" also affects ghosts.  Charms that affect "animals" also affect Ghost Animals and Plasmic Entities.  Need specialized charms to affect undeads with no minds.
    • Mostly mirrors of Solar Charms.  The potent ones are generally cheaper, but has the surcharge of 1wp when used outside of Shadowlands or the Underworld.
    • Excellencies are generally the same
    • Ravening Mouth of (Ability) - Reflexive: One version for Archery, Melee, Thrown, Martial Arts.  regains 1 mote for every level of damage dealt to sentient being (Subjected to cannot gain more than 20m per action rule).  Including indirect damage (such as health level paid by the target to activate defensive charms) but not ongoing damage such as poison.
    • Sorcery Access: Celestial Circle
    • Necromancy Access: Void Circle



      • Looks too complicated, didn’t bother trying to understand it enough to summarize
      • Pretty sure their dice cap is the same as Solars
        • See “Solar” section for actual numbers
      • Sorcery Access: Solar Circle  (Speculation)
      • Necromancy Access: Labyrinth Circle (Speculation)



        • Dice Pool are equal to Attribute, Max  6 (With Legendary Merit) but can go as high as 9 with 3 installation of Fourth (Attribute) Augmentation Charm
        • Charms are Equipment, and each Alchemical have General and Dedicated Slots.
          • General Slots hold any charm, Starts with 4
          • Dedicated Slots hold only Caste and Favorite Attribute Charms, Starts with 4
        • Being Equipment Charms can be modified with "Submodules" which are like Permanent Charms that alter other Charms but without requiring a slot of their own – since they are modifications to existing charms.
        • Combos are charms combined into new gear called Arrays
        • Has the broadest ability to combine charms into combos - as long as they have the right keyword (combo-basic, simple, etc.), follow Combo Rules (Simple only goes with reflexive, etc.), and can supplement the action.  They are not strictly segregated by Ability or Attribute like other Exalts.
        • Their Combo Arrays provides access to any and all legal combos of the combination of Charms in the Array
        • Cheaper to Add Charms to existing Combos
        • Some of their Duration Charms have no commitment costs
        • Excellencies are called Augmentation for Alchemicals
        • First and Second Augmentation is the same cost and effect as Solar Versions
        • Third Excellency is 3m in Healthy Autochthonia, 5m everywhere else.
        • Fourth (Attribute) Augmentation - Essence Integrated: 1m commitment (for 1st Charm, it is a permanent charm)  Can install up to Essence/2 Rounded up times per attribute.  Each time adds 1 to that attribute, considered natural additions - including raising the cap for charms.  Always Obvious.
        • Fifth (Attribute) Augmentation - Scene long Attribute adder.  3m, gain a +1 bonus to that attribute for the scene, count as bonus dice from charms.  1 wp surcharge the first time it is activated in a scene.
          • Submodule: Unbound Essence Booster (Essence 5, 1xp) changes it to 3m/+1.
        • Sixth (Attribute) Augmentation - Permanent (1m), Purchased for a particular Attribute+Ability Rating.  Ability (outside of the purpose for valid actions) are considered at its maximum rating.  E.g. If purchased for Strength + Martial Arts, Martial Arts will be considered 5.  If his Essence is raised to 7 (and thus his max natural rating is now 7) MA will be treated as 7.  Valid actions are things like minimum requirement to learn a charm, etc.
        • Transpuissant (Attribute) Upgrade - Purchased for an Attribute.  When activated it turns any specialty bonus into automatic successes.  if used for attack, it also convert post soak dice of equal amount into automatic successes against creatures of the void.  If it is used for mental influences it provides double the normal bonus (+3 becomes +6) as a bonus Axiomatic effect.
          • Submodule: Machine Logic Subroutine (Essence 4):  When performing an action in relations to high-Clarity (their "Great Curse") stunt dice are converted to successes as well.  Gain 1 point of Clarity.
        • Clockwork (Attribute) Perfection Nodes - forgo a roll to simply get the total dice pool/2 rounded up as successes for the action.  Can still roll if he wants, and just use the higher of 2 results.  Apply this effect after all modifiers to dice pool are applied.
          • Submodule: Metaconductive Circuitry (Essence 4): Spend 5m 1wp, add Essence as automatic successes to the converted result.  Cannot raise successes higher than the total dice pool.
        • Sorcery Access: Celestial Circle
        • Necromancy Access: Labyrinth Circle
        • Can use Man-Machine Protocol (Sort of Sorcery more powerful than Terrestrial Spells but less powerful than Celestial Spells)